Mining Equipment & Supplies

October 31, 2021 , Mining Equipment Supplies


List of mining equipment: Mining industry is the extraction of precious minerals or other geologically deformation earth rich deposits on the earth’s surface. For such extraction to be completed efficiently, require sophisticated machinery specially designed for mining. All the equipment used for mining have reinforced bodies and powerful engines to enable them to carry all the material to the mining site. The weight of the mined material is calculated by adding the weight of the vehicle, the equipment and the log weight. There are many types of mining equipments are used such as, bulldozers, loaders, trucks, conveyor belts, forklifts, cranes, digging machines, pick axes, rollers, drills, tuners, compressors and rollers etc.

Different kinds of machines are used for different types of minerals extraction. Some machines are specifically designed for mining dolomite, kimberlite, granite, tremolite, peridot, anhydride, spodumene, magnetite and other minerals. Some mining equipment are specifically designed for a certain type of mineral such as gold, silver, mercury, iron, aluminum and lead. It depends upon the type of minerals that needs to be extracted which determines what type of mining equipment is required.

The mining industry is highly diversified and has wide scope of activities. Different types of machinery are used for extracting various types of minerals. All these machinery are developed by some of the top companies in the industry to ensure they deliver optimum performance and maximum productivity. Some of the top mining equipment manufacturers include Komatsu Ltd., Hitachi Ltd., Honda Ltd., J&L De La Rue Inc., Mitsubishi Electric Co. Molycorp International Ltd., United Mining Corporation of Canada (UMMC) and CMC Inc. All these major players in the mining sector depend upon machinery for their successful business ventures. Mining equipment supplies help them in their daily operations and therefore are a must have in today’s world.